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doo doo - sadikthesneak

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August 5th, 2007

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01:37 pm - doo doo
some how i ended up with a day off. it seems like forever since i didnt have to go fix the fucking stryker or do something gay on my day off. i slept in until one in the afternoon the ate some food and went out to get some cigerettes. i have been smoking way too much lately. i've been through a carton in 4 days. maybe i need to stop stressing so fucking much. we do shitty mission after shitty mission. eat less than one meal a day. become dehydrated the rehydrate. it seems like an endless fucking cycle. it is getting real old real fast. but i am doing good. i am about to go in and make these fucking tracks and remix/remake old shit we made a long time ago. i just have to make time to do all these big plans.

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